Mele A100

The Mele A100 is originally designed as an Android set-top box. It is powered by the Allwinner A10 SoC, a single-core 1.0Ghz Cortex-A8. It provides graphics and audio by way of the on-board Cedar APU/VPU, and a Mali 400 GPU. The A100 has two "big brothers" in the A1000 and A2000, in which the SATA header is populated, and presented on top of the device as a USM dock.

Mele A100 family highlights:

  • ARM® Cortex-A8 1.0Ghz
  • MALI400MP OpenGL ES 2.0 GPU
  • HDMI, VGA, Component Video
  • HDMI, SPDIF Audio
  • 3 USB 2.0
  • IR Remote
  • SD 3.0, UHI class

SD Card Creation

    At a minimum, you need to create the first partition on an SD card to store the bootloader files and kernel uImage. For the root filesystem you can choose to use either a second partition on the SD card, USB or SATA. This guide however only covers SD. Replace instances of /dev/mmcblkX with the appropriate device name registered on your system.
  1. Use the script in the Mele bootloader tarball to partition and format the SD card. This script will create and format two partitions: the first partition as 16MB FAT, the second as ext4. If the card shows up on your computer as /dev/sdX, run:
    wget tar xzf Mele-bootloader.tar.gz ./ /dev/sdX
    If it shows up as /dev/mmcblkX, run:
    ./ /dev/mmcblkX
  2. Download the root filesystem tarball and extract it (as root, or sudo su) to the ext4 partition on the SD card. It is important to do this as root, as special files need to be created as part of the filesystem that can only be created by root. Then, copy the kernel uImage to the boot partition
    mkdir /tmp/boot mkdir /tmp/arch mount /dev/mmcblkXp1 /tmp/boot mount /dev/mmcblkXp2 /tmp/arch wget bsdtar -xpf ArchLinuxARM-sun4i-latest.tar.gz -C /tmp/arch cp /tmp/arch/boot/uImage /tmp/boot/uImage cp script.bin /tmp/boot/script.bin cp uEnv.txt /tmp/boot/uEnv.txt
  3. Unmount the drive, insert into the Mele, and power it on.sync umount /dev/mmcblkX*

Creating a uEnv.txt

  1. Create a file called uEnv.txt, and place U-Boot environment in there. For example, from the bootloader tarball:
    boot_mmc=fatload mmc 0 0x43000000 ${fexfile}; fatload mmc 0 0x48000000 ${kernel}; bootm 0x48000000 extraargs=rootwait fexfile=script.bin
  2. Copy this file to the boot partition (/dev/mmcblk0p1)

Booting from SATA (A1000/A2000 only) or USB
You will still have to use the SD card for u-boot.
Modify/Edit /boot/uEnv.txt as such:
extraargs=rootfstype=ext4 rootwait root=/dev/sdaX


ARMv7l Cortex-A8


Allwinner A10 1.0Ghz






Full SD