[linux-aarch64-chromebook] no longer boots on Asus C101PA

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[linux-aarch64-chromebook] no longer boots on Asus C101PA

Postby divVerent » Thu Sep 17, 2020 12:56 am

Current kernel image is >32 MiB which seems to be the limit of the bootloader of my Chromebook (Asus C101PA).

See here where I posted my findings - including a PKGBUILD patch as a workaround that reduces kernel size but may make the kernel no longer work on other systems: viewtopic.php?f=65&t=14682

I'd suggest starting with something more generic, like, just those changes:

Disable file systems that likely nobody boots their laptop from:

+ scripts/config --module FAT_FS
+ scripts/config --module MSDOS_FS
+ scripts/config --module NFS_FS
+ scripts/config --module VFAT_FS
+ scripts/config --module XFS_FS

(XFS is technically good enough to boot Linux from but rather unlikely anyone's using that today on a laptop; NFS maybe is handy to have but not sure if anyone uses that)

Disable KVM because that's no fun on aarch64 anyway:

+ scripts/config --disable VIRTUALIZATION

Speed up kernel build time by disabling some graphics drivers that are unlikely used on anything aarch64:

+ scripts/config --disable DRM_AMDGPU
+ scripts/config --disable DRM_NOVEAU
+ scripts/config --disable DRM_RADEON

Tell the compiler to sacrifice some performance for size:

+ scripts/config --disable CC_OPTIMIZE_FOR_PERFORMANCE
+ scripts/config --enable CC_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE

This subset of my changes should be rather safe for Chromebooks and should get the kernel to a working size again - for now.

Disabling whole architectures also does a lot but I can't tell which architectures other devices have (this specific Chromebook is rockchip).

Likely other related issue (also hitting a 32 MiB wall for kernel size): viewtopic.php?f=65&t=14727
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