firefox unstable again?

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firefox unstable again?

Postby risto3 » Mon Aug 21, 2017 8:22 am

Hi, with latest archarm v8 on some odroid-C2 : Linux odroid-001e06336dc8 3.14.79-27-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Jul 10 19:29:37 MDT 2017 aarch64 GNU/Linux

and firefox 54.0.1-1, things have become quite unstable again...

noticing frequently the following sort of errors:

[Child 27748] WARNING: pipe error (3): Connexion ré-initialisée par le correspondant: file /build/firefox/src/firefox-54.0.1/ipc/chromium/src/chrome/common/, line 346
Erreur de segmentation (core dumped)

and as well (from coredumpctl)
PID: 28613 (firefox)
UID: 1001 (richard)
GID: 100 (users)
Signal: 11 (SEGV)
Timestamp: Mon 2017-08-21 10:11:40 CEST (6min ago)
Command Line: /usr/lib/firefox/firefox
Executable: /usr/lib/firefox/firefox
Control Group: /user.slice/user-1001.slice/session-c5.scope
Unit: session-c5.scope
Slice: user-1001.slice
Session: c5
Owner UID: 1001 (richard)
Boot ID: f780cce999064098a3126747e012ced6
Machine ID: e3fd708b61f3475e8e8cab02440a3902
Hostname: odroid-001e06336dc8
Storage: /var/lib/systemd/coredump/core.firefox.1001.f780cce999064098a3126747e012ced6.28613.1503303100000000.lz4
Message: Process 28613 (firefox) of user 1001 dumped core.

Stack trace of thread 28613:
#0 0x0000007f891ca720 raise (
#1 0x0000007f891ca6ac raise (
#2 0x0000007f860ffe20 _ZN13nsProfileLock18FatalSignalHandlerEiP9siginfo_tPv (
#3 0x0000007f86370e30 _ZN13JSCompartment40getNonWrapperObjectForCurrentCompartmentEP9JSContextN2JS13MutableHandleIP8JSObjectEE (
#4 0x00000000004057b0 $x (firefox)

anybody else noticing these?
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