kodi-c2 validity check failed in PKGBUILD

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kodi-c2 validity check failed in PKGBUILD

Postby mwq » Mon Oct 02, 2017 6:11 am

I was trying to build kodi-c2 [1] from source but makepkg failed because the sha512sum doesn't match what is expected.

The sha512sum of the cf20c960135f7a9b702afbf7e252ab70cf22a1d9.tar.gz that I fetched from [2] was dfd290c396315d91413f8ff1b29be83a7e81143d8adb36753622c14f8a775fd35e379e7d3d06e2a768ce259481bd1fdede5b122833811ebdbb5c5c56aebe136d
but the expected checksum in PKGBUILD is a18d4104b1a901939f6b4e2a2f303f814fcae8518abc030894d260c1fc9bfbb6b897c11c5041375d835f483ee95fc5d12374534a8093fca2e5137d5a5725a807

I tried many times w/wo VPN but got the same results. So I suspect that the provided checksum in the PKGBUILD file may not be correct.

[1] https://archlinuxarm.org/packages/aarch64/kodi-c2
[2] https://github.com/Owersun/xbmc/archive ... 1d9.tar.gz
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