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U-Boot FIT image

Postby ry6241 » Thu May 14, 2020 9:05 am

I am using u-boot on a custom board based on TI AM5728.
I want to use u-boot FIT Image.
I have enabled FIT image in config of SPL with following parameters :

With these configurations, SPL is able to load FIT Image and got u-boot.img and then load it to CONFIG_SYS_TEXT_BASE address. But uboot image is not running after SPL passes control to it.

Following is the log trace :

U-Boot SPL 2018.01-00569-gfd38f5afef-dirty (May 11 2020 - 21:39:51)
DRA752-GP ES2.0
Trying to boot from MMC1
no pinctrl state for default mode
no pinctrl state for default mode
fit read sector 0, sectors=649224, dst=80761780, count=64922
cannot find property 'firmware': -1
could not find firmware image, trying loadables...
loadables: 'uboot'

loading uboot
size= 556988
Embedded data: dst=80800000, size=87fbc

fdt: 'fdt@1'

size= 90366
Embedded data: dst=80887fbc, size=160fe

Checking for more images
no string for index 1
Jumping to U-Boot
loaded - jumping to U-Boot...
image entry point: 0x80800000

It hangs after this last print.

We have used following its file :


/ {
description = "U-Boot FIT, loaded by SPL";
#address-cells = <0x1>;

images {

uboot {
description = "U-Boot";
data = /incbin/("./u-boot-dtb.img");
type = "standalone";
arch = "arm";
compression = "none";
load = <0x80800000>;
entry = <0x80800000>;
hash@1 {
algo = "sha1";

fdt@1 {
description = "Flattened Device Tree blob";
data = /incbin/("./am572x-idk.dtb");
type = "flat_dt";
arch = "arm";
compression = "none";
hash@1 {
algo = "sha1";


configurations {
default = "am572x-idk.dtb";
am572x-idk.dtb {
description = "evm with spl config";
loadables = "uboot";
fdt = "fdt@1";
signature@1 {
algo = "sha1,rsa2048";
key-name-hint = "cdot";
sign-images = "fdt", "loadables";


Can anybody help?
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