linux-imx6-3.14.76-1 broken xfs module

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Re: linux-imx6-3.14.76-1 broken xfs module

Postby DevilCrayon » Sat Sep 17, 2016 9:17 pm

It sure does! [has been fixed a while; just closing the thread with confirmation]
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Re: linux-imx6-3.14.76-1 broken xfs module

Postby crazystick » Tue Nov 15, 2016 2:07 pm

Sorry to reawaken this thread, but just an FYI, I don't think the problem is really fixed, or maybe there is some environmental thing which makes the difference. I recompiled 3.14.79 locally on the Hummingboard to test a PCIe issue (see and I had to force load tun and bluetooth modules. Compilation was via makepkg with source changed to my fork of moonman/linux-fslc-sr (its identical except a couple of reverted commits for clock speeds)
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Re: linux-imx6-3.14.76-1 broken xfs module

Postby moonman » Fri Nov 18, 2016 6:21 am

The one in the repo was compiled using an older toolchain. IIRC it was binutils that had to be downgraded.
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