mounting/extracting trimslice-spi.img?

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mounting/extracting trimslice-spi.img?

Postby WFCody » Fri Aug 04, 2017 8:06 am

Hi all,

I just tried to update my old uboot on my AC100 but it failed because it did not have the "sf" utility. So I was going to try to just extract this utility and put it in the root of my bootable usb to see if the update / flash script will work then.

Alternatively, are appropriate ARM binaries of the uboot utilities downloadable somewhere?


Also, I have not been using this device for quite some time because it failed to boot Arch after a while (CM11 still boots). I use the regular trimslice kernel. Anyone got a solution there? Perhaps I need to change boot options for uboot for newer kernels?

At this moment, the set-up is basically a vanilla version of the instructions found at: ... _multiboot

I wanted to sometime delete CM11 and repartition to give Arch all space but could not find good instructions for it and did not have time to play with it.
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