problem with kernel update, linux-armv7

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problem with kernel update, linux-armv7

Postby menos16 » Tue May 12, 2015 8:15 pm

hello people

I'm using the linux-armv7 4.0.0-1 kernel , and everything wokrs fine (mele a20 hardware).
But i'm getting problems with the update of linux-armv7 4.0.2-1 or linux-armv7 4.0.1-1...

If I install this package, 4.0.2-1 or 4.0.1-1, the system doesn't boots correctly, the networks fails... it doesn't wake up because it doesn't detect the eth0 network adapter... :?: ip link shows only "lo" adapter.

the local tty1,2 etc also fails because It shows the version "4.0.0-1" when later version (4.0.2-1 or 4.0.1-1) is installed :?:
also the the lsmod output is... nothing.... so I 've locked the update of kernel package in pacman.conf. If I install a downgrade of kernel package also fails with exactly the same behaviour ...

I understand that I need to fix the installation of my package but I don't know where is the problem.....

some help??

thanks for your time
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