Can ArchLinux ARM or reguar ArchLinux run in a NanoPC

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Can ArchLinux ARM or reguar ArchLinux run in a NanoPC

Postby ChuckHL » Sun Aug 03, 2014 12:29 am

I have a NanoPC (very small server box) with the following specs.

Name: NanoPC-T1 | Exynos4412 ARM Cortex-A9 Board
Description: FriendlyARM NanoPC T1 SBC (Single-Board Computer) with 1.5 GHz Samsung Exynos4412 ARM Cortex-A9 processor.
Dimension: 100 x 80 mm
CPU: 1.5 GHz Samsung Exynos4412 ARM Cortex-A9 (Quad-Core)
RAM: 1 GB, 32 bit Bus
Flash: 8GB eMMC Flash
Ext. Memory: SD-Card socket
Serial Ports: 3x serial port connectors
USB: 2x USB-A Host 2.0, 1x MicroUSB Slave/OTG 2.0
Audio Output: 3.5 mm stereo jack
Ethernet: RJ-45 10/100M
RTC: Real Time Clock with battery
Camera: 20 pin (2.0 mm) Camera interface + 15 pin MIPI-CSI
LCD Interface: 41 pin connector for FriendlyARM Displays and VGA Board
Monitor: HDMI
User Inputs: 2x push buttons
User Outputs: 2x LEDs
Expansion: 30 pin GPIO1 + 16 pin GPIO2 + 6 pin Sensors (2.0 mm)
Power: regulated 5V
Current System Installed: Ubuntu 13.10.

I want to know if I can install ArchLinuxARM (maybe the mod for ODROID-X since it also uses a Samsung Exynos 4412 processor). Or any other version available that might work on it.

Any ideas, suggestion, will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Can ArchLinux ARM or reguar ArchLinux run in a NanoPC

Postby moonman » Sun Aug 03, 2014 3:43 am

Your own kernel + any archlinuxarm armv7h tarball will work. Existing kernel might work if it meets requirements for systemd.
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