RPi4 can receive updated USB EEPROM/Bootloader

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RPi4 can receive updated USB EEPROM/Bootloader

Postby graysky » Mon May 31, 2021 3:19 pm

We are now offering the EEPROM update tool in alarm/rpi-eeprom.

Unless your RPi4 B was manufactured rather recently (May/2021), it likely has an older USB VL805 controller firmware and internal bootloader firmware. You can download the package mentioned above from your favorite mirror. Verify the current versions by running:
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# rpi-eeprom-update

Add the -a switch to update. The update is applied upon a reboot. Example on my RPi4:
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# rpi-eeprom-update -a

BOOTLOADER: update available
   CURRENT: Tue Sep 10 10:41:50 AM UTC 2019 (1568112110)
    LATEST: Thu Apr 29 04:11:25 PM UTC 2021 (1619712685)
   RELEASE: default (/lib/firmware/raspberrypi/bootloader/default)

  VL805_FW: Dedicated VL805 EEPROM
   VL805: update available
   CURRENT: 00013701
    LATEST: 000138a1
BOOTFS /boot

EEPROM updates pending. Please reboot to apply the update.
To cancel a pending update run "sudo rpi-eeprom-update -r".

To use a beta version of the firmware (not recommended), edit /etc/default/rpi-eeprom-update and set the FIRMWARE_RELEASE_STATUS variable to "beta" then run the tool.
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