Our first mirror is now online in Europe!

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Our first mirror is now online in Europe!

Postby kmihelich » Mon Jan 09, 2012 11:08 pm

Thanks to the team at f3l.de, we now have our first repository mirror online in Germany! If you visit our IRC channel, be sure to send your thanks KanocX and asdil12. For those in Europe, this should greatly improve your speed. This mirror is automatically synchronized by the build system at the completion of each daily round of package updates, meaning there is minimal delay from the main site, and you will always have the latest packages as soon as they are available.

The pacman mirrorlist is also getting updated to conform to the new domain system in place for mirrors. All current working server lines in the mirrorlist will continue to work, but after updating you will be switched to the new system. The default mirror address will be mirror.archlinuxarm.org which will direct you to the closest mirror based on Geo-IP location. For now, all of Europe will be directed to the new mirror and the rest of the world is directed to our server like before.

This can of course be changed by you. Listed in the mirrorlist are the two repositories, us.mirror.archlinuxarm.org (our server), and eu.mirror.archlinuxarm.org. You can simply turn off the Geo-IP mirror and enable the mirror of your choice, much like you are able to in x86 Arch.

This announcement also means that if there is anyone that would like to host a mirror and has the resources, we now have the infrastructure to easily add more sites to automatically synchronize. If you're interested, find me on IRC or send a PM here.
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