Bug Reports, Feature Requests and Pull Requests

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Bug Reports, Feature Requests and Pull Requests

Postby kmihelich » Wed Mar 21, 2012 10:39 pm

Due to the volume of messages on the forum, it is difficult for the developers to isolate bugs and feature requests from other discussions. If you have found a bug in a package provided by Arch Linux ARM in its repositories, the correct place to report this is in the Packages sub-forum.

Note: The inability to configure or properly use specific packages or Arch Linux ARM as a whole is not a bug.

For corrections/additions/updates to packages tracked in GitHub, it is highly appreciated if you fork the repository, make your changes, and submit a pull request. Please read the rules first before submitting a Pull Request. This allows us to immediately merge your request if there isn't an issue with it, makes our work load lighter, and means the issue will be resolved quickly. All pull requests, particularly those with new packages, must be verified to build by the submitter on all architectures supported by Arch Linux ARM. Unless a package is only usable on a particular architecture, pull requests will be rejected if they are not tested prior. Upstream updates to the package and build failures are expected to be addressed and fixed by the original submitter, or the package will be removed from our repositories. Adherence to all relevant points discussed in the GitHub README and Contributing Guidelines is mandatory.

Pull requests that do not relate to package bugs and that do not supply the information requested will be summarily closed and disregarded.
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