AllWinner devices now using mainline kernel

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AllWinner devices now using mainline kernel

Postby kmihelich » Sat Jun 13, 2015 2:45 am

All of the old 3.4 AllWinner kernels (linux-sun{4,5,7}i) have been removed and are replaced by linux-armv7, the mainline multi-platform ARMv7 kernel. The U-Boot 2015.04 package has also dropped carrying the compiled fex files required by the old kernels. The linux-armv7-rc kernel package is also available for mainline release candidate kernels.

This change was made because the 3.4 source tree has not been actively maintained in a long time, and it is no longer fully compatible with the latest versions of systemd. AllWinner has been steadily increasing their support in mainline, and the vast majority of board functionality is available in that kernel now. Graphics support is available via the fbdev driver.
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