HOWTO fbcon cursor for odroid c2

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HOWTO fbcon cursor for odroid c2

Postby merlinux » Fri Jan 27, 2017 9:35 am

I thought Id post here as I have seen a few posts asking about the lack of a framebuffer cursor for the odroid c2. There are a few ways to hack a soft cursor from what I understand however I havent tried any other than the following and it works, even using vim or nano. Very useful for those who cant access ssh early on.

amlogic hardware cursor just doesnt work however it is enabled in the default arch kernel for the c2. To be able to have a cursor you need to disable the hardware cursor and enable the kernel software cursor. So you need to compile a kernel with the following changes to your .config :

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and append at the end :

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Cons: As I understand it the cursor will overlay if you use framebuffer apps. Havent tested yet as I am running X apps at the moment. However it seems you can turn off the overlay somehow.

information sourced from the odroid forums and originally provided by user crashoverride in regards to the c1 having the same problem
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