Plowshare on ArchLinuxArm (tested on a dockstar)

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Plowshare on ArchLinuxArm (tested on a dockstar)

Postby pentolino » Thu Sep 01, 2011 4:37 pm

Hello, I noticed there is no plowshare package in ArchLinuxArm, but since I think a decent download station cannot live without it, I managed to get it working.

You need to make your own package, so first follow
Then refer to AUR plowshare page: and download the PKGBUILD.
Install the listed dependencies, all but js (which is missing in ArchLinuxArm); install spidermonkey instead.
Edit PKGBUILD and look for 'depends' section; replace 'js' with 'spidermonkey'.

You can now create the package with makepkg and install it with pacman.
Tested and working, js and spidermonkey are mostly compatible.

Bye and happy download :-)
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