Automatic hostname from hardware serial number

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Automatic hostname from hardware serial number

Postby Fuson51 » Sun Jan 06, 2013 12:06 pm

I have two Raspberry Pi and both work with same custom image file. I needed a way to differentiate them when I overwrote a SD Card (dd cloned image). This following script set the host name from the hardware serial (like rpi-bf8).
Script is scheduled with the @reboot flag in crontab.

Unique hostname is important for my because I use this to remote connection (ssh ... dnsmasq dynamique dns)

I don't know is this is the good way (?) and if is helpful for someone but it's working fine for me.

Code: Select all
from subprocess import call
hostNameFilePath = '/etc/hostname'
currentHostName = file(hostNameFilePath).read().strip()

serial = file('/proc/cpuinfo').read().split('Serial')[1].strip()[-3:]  # 3 mean last 3 character of the serial
newHostName = 'rpi-'+serial

if newHostName != currentHostName:
   file(hostNameFilePath, 'w').write(newHostName + '\n')

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