Archlinux ARM as viable server (all included)

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Archlinux ARM as viable server (all included)

Postby kotrfa » Mon Jun 30, 2014 7:30 pm


I've made complete guide for few of my friends about making not only a RPi stable headless unit, possibly used as a webserver. I explain in details all steps I've made during my half year of testing. I know it's to broad for usual post, but I hope it can help someone.

It's still in progress and I'll be happy for feedback.
* systemd with some of it's features (network, timesyncd, journaling)
* journaling
* setting ZSH, vim
* networking
* timesyncing
* config SSH, tips for SSH with screen
* setting nginx (webserver, ftp)
* system analyzing
* torrents
* backuping

Configs included.

HTML ReadTheDocs version:
Here is github source:
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