headless rdp server and desktop

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headless rdp server and desktop

Postby Socaltom » Wed Sep 17, 2014 3:04 pm

Setting up remote desktop access to your headless server is realtively straightforward.
First you need to install a desktop enviroment
Then you need to install the remote desktop server application.

To install the desktop enviroment you need to install the xorg desktop system ( this is a generic desktop that most of the others build off of)
( if you are installing on a headless server you don't need a video driver, the rdp system will provide it later)

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pacman -Sy xorg-server

I'm not sure if its needed, but I also installed the xorg-init package needed to start the x system

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pacman -Sy xorg-xinit

The wiki address is https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/xorg

However, you don't need to working about the ~/.xinitrc, because the rdp package uses a different location for starting your desktop enviroment

Now, you need to install a window manager or desktop enviroment. Since we are dealing with modest CPU power I recommend a simple window manager, I use icewm

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pacman -Sy icewm


Here is a good site for configuring it
http://www.osnews.com/story/7774/IceWM_ ... ow_Manager

Now, if you want to add a web browser etc, this is a good time.

I chose arora, its got javascript support, is realtively light, and firefox threw an error

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pacman -Sy arora

Now, install xrpd, this is a front end that runs on top of tigervnc, but it will install it for you

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pacman -Sy xrdp

you need to modify the /etc/xrdp/startwm.sh file . This file is intended to allow multiple users to pick different desktops. I'm only using icewm, so my file includes only the following

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exec icewm-session

You can also modify sesman.ini and xrdp.ini, but for me the defaults work, although they have a bunch of options I don't use.

Now, you can start xrdp

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systemctl start xrdp

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systemctl start xrdp-sesman

( order seems to be important here)

If you want them to autostart on reboot
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systemctl enable xrdp

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systemctl enable xrdp-sesman

to log in, use the rdp client from a windows machine and aim it at the default port 3389 on your server. You should be presented with a login box. Login and the icewm desktop should appear.

It may look a little clunky because the menus aren't populated.

To quickly populate the menus install menumaker

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pacman -Sy menumaker

then run
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mmaker -f icewm   

the -f forces it to over write previous versions.

The site above has info on editing the menu file if you have an interest.

Good luck
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