buzz sound from mic with USB audio key

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buzz sound from mic with USB audio key

Postby zebul666 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 11:03 am


So i bought a USB audio Aukey card with mic input. I tested at first using a male-male 3.5mm cable to feed the mic input with the output of my phone. It was working fine.

It's when I wanted to record my mic with that key that I got problem because I only get a buzzing sound.

I thought it was the key while obviously it is more related to the mic, but then bought a new TerraTec Electronic GmbH Aureon Dual USB key. It worked, at last, with the mic.

All this test were done on my HP netbook running archlinux x86_64 and my Dell laptop running ubuntu.

So now I want to use the key and the mic on my raspberry pi 0 W using the same setup with archlinux ARM) but I got again the same problem: meaning that I got no problem to record the output of my phone, but the mic is giving that weird buzz sound again !

I don't know why I got that sound instead of getting the normal input sound ??? Why is it working on my HP netbook and not on the rpi ?

I have tried without a USB hub that I use on the rpi0 in a rpi1. I got the same buzz sound.

I am lost and I don't find anyhting meaningfull on the net about what could cause that buzz sound with that mic, on some device and some not, with some card and some not...
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