No IP address assigned using DHCP and systemd-networkd

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No IP address assigned using DHCP and systemd-networkd

Postby romax » Thu Jul 02, 2015 12:38 am

I've been following the official installation using the latest archive.

After the first reboot, the system got an ip adress using DHCP.

Post installation I've just changed some bare essentials and did a full system upgrade, not touching the network configuration and still using stock systemd-networkd.

After updating and reboot, the Raspi is not on the network anymore, assigning an IP address fails silently.

Looking further into this, it seems that the process of assigning an IP address stops after DHCPDISCOVER, DHCPOFFER, DHCPREQUEST - the DHCP server does not send a DHCPACK.

Anyone else seeing this?
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