Installable Package: reflector

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Installable Package: reflector

Postby cmsigler » Wed May 25, 2016 7:07 pm


EDITED -- Hopefully to remove my own misunderstandings and clarify:

This package isn't in the repositories because it doesn't properly pertain to ALARM. However, it is a dependency for powerpill:

- reflector installs on my two single-board systems, RPi3 (armv7h) and Odroid-C2 (aarch64/armv8-a). I just used the PKGBUILD straight from the ABS, YMMV.

I like using powerpill to wrap pacman for parallel downloads. Note that /etc/powerpill/powerpill.json should be configured not to use reflector (I think it's as simple as setting "reflect databases" to "false" and leaving "reflector":"args" unset -- these are the installation defaults).


- Raspberry Pi 3
- Odroid-C2
- Raspberry Pi Zero
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