java8-ezdk - Embedded Zulu Java Development Kit

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java8-ezdk - Embedded Zulu Java Development Kit

Postby vitalogy » Thu Mar 30, 2017 4:29 pm


i want to share my PKGBUILD for the Zulu® Embedded JDK from Azul Systems.
From there Homepage Zulu Embedded is a certified build of OpenJDK that is fully compliant with the Java SE standard.
Zulu is copyrighted software based on OpenJDK ( and is 100% open source.

I use the package 'jre8-ezdk-headless' from the PKGBUILD as my default JRE to run my openhab installation on my cubietruck. The JRE from openjdk was to slow, 15min for startup openhab and 10min to install a binding :shock: . With Zulu Embedded openhab runs very smooth :) .

You can find the PKGBUILD here:

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