New package: xf86-video-armsoc-odroid-xu3

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New package: xf86-video-armsoc-odroid-xu3

Postby gripped » Sun Sep 27, 2015 4:58 pm

The package xf86-video-armsoc-odroid does not work well on the XU3/4
Most programs using egl will freeze when entering a fullscreen window.
glmark2-es2 --fullscreen Freezes on the first frame for several seconds then xorg restarts
chromium (started with --use-gl=egl) Varies but generally shows big blocks of grey and black.
Kodi Black screen.

I (and lots of others) have been using a different version of the armsoc driver from the source code at the point of the following commit in the armsoc repo on ... deo-armsoc

This version of the armsoc driver has its own issues. Roughly 90% of the time the the screen will go black, with only the mouse cursor showing when you exit a fullscreen window. When this happens switching VT and back usually returns the desktop but occasionally it completely freezes the screen and it seems only a reboot will bring back a picture.
There is a workaround whereby you can set
Code: Select all
Option          "NoFlip"        "true"
in the device section of xorg.conf.. This stops the 'blackscreen with mouse cursor' bug from occurring but has a big performance hit.

Almost by accident a user on the odroid forum, in thread has found another way to stop the 'blackscreen with mouse cursor' bug with a tiny patch to the armsoc.

Unfortunately this also has an issue that occasionally the system can freeze hard with this showing on screen
I have only been able to reproduce this once myself but need to continue testing it.

My proposal is that the XU3/4 should have it's own specific armsoc driver as currently, even though the other options are not perfect, xf86-video-armsoc-odroid is the worst choice if you want to watch fullscreen video, use kodi etc.

I would welcome feedback as to whether you agree or disagree and which option you think would be best to create a package with.

I think one option would be to provide xf86-video-armsoc-odroid-xu3 based on the unpatched code with an install message mentioning the NoFlip option. And another xf86-video-armsoc-odroid-xu3-experimental with the patch added and install message letting users know of possible instability.

You may think the best option is to do nothing at all. But if that is the case I would appreciate some explanation as to why.
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Re: New package: xf86-video-armsoc-odroid-xu3

Postby gripped » Sun Sep 27, 2015 8:44 pm

You can find PKGBUILD's for xf86-video-armsoc-odroid-xu3 and xf86-video-armsoc-odroid-xu3-experimental in here:

Actual packages here ... pkg.tar.xz
and here ... pkg.tar.xz
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Re: New package: xf86-video-armsoc-odroid-xu3

Postby bmentink » Fri Nov 20, 2015 10:34 pm

Hi gripped,

I have struck the black screen issue with kodi running as a session. It used to work great, I don't know what changed.
Kodi comes up in a black screen, not just on close.

Maybe it changed after an upgrade ..

What would you suggest I do to solve this issue.
I am currently running xf86-video-armsoc-xu3 from your odroidxu3 repo, but I have tried the experimantal as well ..


PS: I have forgotten the thread where you had instructions for installing everything from your repo, can you link me?
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