ghc 7.10.2 that works

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ghc 7.10.2 that works

Postby Thra11 » Tue Sep 29, 2015 7:24 am

I have modified/created two PKGBUILDs to make it possible to get a working installation of GHC (The Glasgow Haskell Compiler):
ghc-llvm - A minimal install of llvm 3.5.2 (just the llc and opt binaries) for ghc to use.
ghc - GHC itself, built to depend on ghc-llvm rather than the llvm package, which is too new to work properly with ghc 7.10.*.
A more detailed explanation can be found here and here.

Before the update of ncurses to 5.9, you could use ghc 7.8.2 from the repos as the bootstrap compiler to build ghc (required a temporary downgrade of the system llvm to make it work). There is no longer a build of ghc in the repos (See second blog post linked above). I have provided some prebuilt packages in the hope that someone may find them useful (armv7h only I'm afraid).

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