linux-armv7 with PREEMPT_RT patches (4.4.1-2-rt6)

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linux-armv7 with PREEMPT_RT patches (4.4.1-2-rt6)

Postby osnwt » Wed Feb 24, 2016 9:09 am

I've built the subj for my UDOO Quad and pcduino3 boards:

Linux quad-host 4.4.1-2-rt6-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT RT Wed Feb 17 15:54:32 UTC 2016 armv7l GNU/Linux

The package sources are here:
You can build any of them with makepkg command.

There are 3 packages: exact copy of official one, the same with preemptive kernel, and the last with realtime patches included. I collected them all so I can build them with the same tools and compare performance.

I do not pretend to put them to official repository because (1) I am not sure that similar versions don't already exist, and (2) because the package should be called like 'linux-rt-armv7', but I kept original names for all 3. So I can easily replace (upgrade) anyone and reboot to see the difference. Different names require some changes so they can replace each other, I guess.

But maybe it could be useful for someone.
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