Hisense C11 video driver? Can't start X (Solved)

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Hisense C11 video driver? Can't start X (Solved)

Postby kevinthefixer » Sat May 28, 2016 2:25 am

Following these instructions I installed Arch ARM on my new Hisense C11 Chromebook. I was able to install both LXDE and XFCE (I wouldn't consider any "heavier" DEs on this resource-challenged machine) but neither will start: depending on what command I use, it either reports "unable to connect to x-server" or "no screens found". This is the same behaviour exhibited by Chrubuntu Precise in a chroot environment; however, Chrubuntu Trusty works fine with LXDE. I'm assuming I need an updated xorg video driver. I did (as instructed) install xf86-video-armsoc-rockchip and veyron-libgl. I'll be grateful for any help!

Edit: Doh!! all necessary drivers are there. I simply needed to start the LX Display manager and Wham! There's a GUI login screen.

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#systemctl start lxdm.service

In order to do it automatically at boot:

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#systemctl enable lxdm.service

Since I did this last in lxterminal, I guess, it returned some errors. But a reboot worked fine. Hope I saved someone else a little trouble, even if I feel like a dolt.
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