ASUS Tinker Board

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ASUS Tinker Board

Postby WebReflection » Mon Jan 30, 2017 9:40 pm

Please note the Tinker Board is not officially supported by ArchLinux ARM so follow this post at your own risk.

ASUS also made the Asus Chromebook Flip C100P which has the same Rockchip on it, so I've used that image to get ArchLinux on the board.

This board has an unusual way to boot up, not configurable like the C100P.

Thankfully, the ASUS Page has a TinkerOS_DEBIAN image you can `dd` right away to an SD Card.

They suggest 8GB but their image creates 2 partitions: one 64MB FAT and one 2GB ext4 so actually 4GB card is enough.

Insert your SD card in your laptop, and check where it is typing `lsblk` which shows all drivers paths.
In my case it's `/dev/mmcblk0` where, if there are partitions, shows up as `/dev/mmcblkXpN`

Once you are sure about how your sd card is reachable, run the following remembering that such card will be fully erased.

Replace `/dev/mmcblkX` with your card address (without including possible partitions)

Code: Select all
# umount whatever is mounted automatically
sudo umount /dev/mmcblkX*

# be sure /dev/mmcblkX is where the SD card is
sudo dd if=TinkerOS_DEBIAN.img of=/dev/mmcblkX bs=8192

At this point you can already boot the OS provided by ASUS or skip right away and erase the second partition.

Code: Select all
# bear in mind it could be /dev/mmcblkXp2 or /dev/sdb2
sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/mmcblkXp2

You can now download the veyron image and extract it into the mounted partition
Code: Select all
curl -LO
sudo mount /dev/mmcblkXp2 /mnt
sudo tar -zxf ArchLinuxARM-veyron-latest.tar.gz -C /mnt
sudo umount /mnt

Depending on your SD card, this process could take few seconds up to 5 minutes.

That's it, you can boot ArchLinux on the ASUS Tinker Board!

First Boot and Network

Once booted, you can login as root/root and enable the 1GB ethernet linking it up and using dhcpcd
Code: Select all
# know all network addresses
ip addr

# set eth0 up
ip link set eth0 up

# wait 5 seconds ... then
dhcpcd eth0

After that, you can already `pacman -Syu` but do not flash the new kernel once asked, or you'll have to start this procedure from scratch.

Does It Work ?
Good question. Neither Weston nor Xorg seems to be able to start. I've used veyron-libgl and armsoc driver but these were not already installed so maybe with just Mesa in it works, but probably not Hardware Accelerated.

I've just got this board so I'll play more around with either ArchLinux or their linaro they configured as Debian, and see if this board is actually cool, regardless it's based on 32bit outdated chip, or yet another pointless Raspberry Pi competitor.

After all, what is power, without drivers to control it?

Best Regards
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Re: ASUS Tinker Board

Postby pepedog » Tue Jan 31, 2017 3:37 pm

Yes, I did all this too (or similar using rpi tarball and keeping modules)
Just getting back into things and struggling with packaging at the mo, does seen like a nice board.
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Re: ASUS Tinker Board

Postby WebReflection » Sun Feb 05, 2017 4:26 pm

It looks like the current rk3288-miniarm.dtb used by Debian is not compatible with mainline yet and it's stuck with its zImage that runs 4.4.X.

However, it looks like there's already a patch to bring a tinker dtb that will run with latest mainline

The next issue is the bloody Mali GPU driver. Apparently ARM released a user-space driver for this GPU that would work great, if only usable at its full potential, but I couldn't find any easy way to bring it on this board.

I'm dreaming about a day where you'll just install `mali-t7-libgl` or `xf86-video-mali-t7` and these boards will be actually useful for projects targeting video/UI/Kiosk, right now only the RPi seems to be there thanks to its Mesa support.

Finger crossed!
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Re: ASUS Tinker Board

Postby raumzeit » Tue Apr 18, 2017 11:03 pm

Last weekend, I also started working on bringing ArchLinuxARM to the Tinker Board. After flashing TinkerOS to an SD card, erasing the rootfs and installing the veyron-latested rootfs everything booted fine and basic support seemed to work out-of-the-box.

The only problem I have is with the mouse cursor in xorg. It is simply transparent, moving the mouse around highlights buttons, clicking buttons works, as does the scroll-wheel. But the mouse cursor/pointer is not visible, which is very annoying. I guess, this might be possible to fix with downgrading xorg to the one available at rockchip-linux github repository.

Anyway, I've set up a rockchip-linux kernel PKGBUILD with some additional dts fixes for the tinkerboard. The board boots ok and wifi seems to work properly as well. Still, there are some issues left that are about to be fixed (hopefuly) by the guys maintaining rockchip-linux. (see e.g.: )

If anyone is interested, I made the kernel package available here: ... inkerboard

Next thing will be a u-boot package, since mainline u-boot will officially support the Tinkerboard.
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