Mirabox: USB ports didn't work anymore

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Mirabox: USB ports didn't work anymore

Postby sheevaplugger » Wed Oct 29, 2014 11:39 am


I have trouble with my usb ports of my mirabox.

My mirabox runs 24/7. But from time to time the mirabox lost the connection to the USB3-HD. After reset everything works fine.

For a few days the same problem appear, but after the reset the mirabox was not able to mount the usb device. The USB3-HD works fine on my laptop - so no problem with the harddisk. Than I tested some USB-Sticks. But my archlinux on my mirabox didn't detect them.

- No device was generated: example: /dev/sdc1

- "lsusb" / "ls /dev/" didn't list them

What else can I check?

I think that the USB Ports are defect :(

Thank's for your hints.

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