HDMI/mfc with Exynos 5250

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HDMI/mfc with Exynos 5250

Postby NoMind » Wed Mar 15, 2017 1:53 pm

as a student project we have developed a carrier board for the Toradex Computer-on-module. We use a Computer-on-module made at our University that uses the Exynos 5250(the rest of the hardware is mostly the same as the Arndale Board).
We try to get HDMI and mfc to work as we want to use the device as a multimedia STB with kodi. We have tried different Kernel, but HDMI doesn't work on newer Kernel. We have used the Arndale device-tree in a slightly modified version and the exynos_defconfig.
We have a 3.12 linaro Kernel(we got that from our supervisor), where Hdmi does work, but mfc doesn't.
We have tried to get HDMI working on 4.10 Kernel from kernel.org, but the drm_exynos_dp can't be probed because of a missing port node in device-tree. This is either a bug in the driver or in the Arndale device-tree.
We now try to get the 4.4.54 Kernel(linaro or kernel.org) to work. All driver are probed successfully, but we still don't get any hdmi output. The display always switches between sleep-mode and ready-mode. At least the framebuffer(/dev/fb0) shows up. We have tried to fix this since a week, but hit a wall.

Are there any special bootargs necessary to get HDMI working on Exynos 5250 or is there something else missing?
How good does it work on other devices (does hdmi cec, reading edid work...)?
How good does mfc work for hardware decoding in kodi?
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