Booting with nosmp results in black screen

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Booting with nosmp results in black screen

Postby Melab » Wed Jun 07, 2017 1:48 am

For a Samsung XE303CE12, booting with "nosmp" or "maxcpus=0" added to the command line results in a black screen. The screen will be backlit/on for a few seconds, then go completely dark (as it woud if the standard command line used), and it stays dark. The light on the power button remains on.

The reason for adding "nosmp" to the command line is to make kexec_load work. I've done some research and it seems that the kernel needed to be patch for kexec_load to work on ARM when SMP is enabled. Maybe that patch didn't make it.

Anyone know why nosmp is prevent the screen from lighting back up?
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