System Journal is always corrupted

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System Journal is always corrupted

Postby rontant » Sun Jul 09, 2017 1:35 am

I am running Odroid XU4 headless and I do proper shutdown every night either with 'poweroff' or 'shutdown now' commands but the system journal always gets corrupted. Can anybody help please? Thank you in advance.

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[root@xu4 ~]# dmesg | grep journal
[    9.978703] systemd-journald[269]: Received request to flush runtime journal from PID 1
[    9.991701] systemd-journald[269]: File /var/log/journal/adbedc370b504cea8c70a5024130efe9/system.journal corrupted or uncleanly shut down, renaming and replacing.

[root@xu4 ~]# pacman -Qs odroid-xu3
local/linux-odroid-xu3 4.9.35-2
    The Linux Kernel and modules - ODROID-XU3/4
local/uboot-odroid-xu3 2017.01-1
    U-Boot for ODROID-XU3
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