Support for NanoPi Fire3

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Support for NanoPi Fire3

Postby Oleg » Sun Jul 08, 2018 7:02 pm

Hi all!

I was interested to play around with ARMv8 so I got hold of NanoPi Fire3-LTS board ( ... uct_id=206), it's a tiny octa-core (8!!!) Cortex-A53 board, it uses Samsung's S6P6818 processor.

The board comes with some kind of Ubuntu. I prefer Arch Linux.

I got kernel and bootloader. The kernel version is 4.4.x. Is it to old for use with Arch Linux ARM? Any possible implications if I will use this kernel?

I would like to run some benchmarks on this board and compare it to ODROID-MC1 Solo (My Cluster One) to see which board performs better for cluster computing, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, etc. It is not quite clear to me which platform performs better for scientific computing ARMv7 or ARMv8, so I would like to figure that out.

Thank you in advance for your kind comments and suggestions!
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