Custom keymap setup in X with xe303c12

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Custom keymap setup in X with xe303c12

Postby ak404 » Tue Jul 14, 2020 1:32 pm

using fluxbox i thought to share a couple keymappings which I had to concentrate well to ponder
which resulted in
have a toggleable backslash insert key
Prior/pageup being the minus/underscore key
Next/Pagedown being the plus equals key

and in fluxbox keys file would call the toggle scripts
like so
Shift F1 :ExecCommand xmodmap /home/user/mapping/
Shift F2 :ExecCommand xmodmap /home/user/mapping/

so if you would need the backslash or | key -, underscore, plus and equals keys then you would need to press shift F2 once again
and to revert back Shift F1 to summon the basic surf keys and insert key.

I believe it works with just this otherwise it gives an idea to get set with at least this.

Code: Select all
$ cat
keycode 20 = Prior
keycode 21 = Next
keycode 51 = Insert

Code: Select all
$ cat
keycode  21 = equal plus equal plus
keycode  20 = minus underscore minus underscore
keycode 126 = plusminus NoSymbol plusminus
keycode  51 = backslash bar backslash bar
keycode  51 = backslash bar backslash bar
keycode  94 = less greater less greater bar brokenbar bar

being an exclusive fluxbox user, kde does this all from the gui setting menus too. I actually never put kde on here yet. :ugeek:
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