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Re: lantern?

Postby cmsigler » Thu Jun 30, 2016 5:57 pm

the maintainer of aur package contacted and said that he would remove that '-race' part if it helps to compile it on arm.
what a nice guy.

Backstory: I'm a Gentoo refugee who switched over in 2012, and I haven't looked back. I rarely, if ever, needed to set per-package custom compile flags as I didn't do gaming, graphics-intensive work, etc. Although things usually worked well I finally got tired of wrestling with the few non-functional ebuilds, or having to create my own ebuild (more complex than PKGBUILD IMHO) for the rare piece of software not provided in the default repos. Also, building every piece of software from scratch got tiring after 8 years.

So, Arch was the closest match AFAICS. Now I love Arch and wouldn't switch except on pain of death :)

One of my most pleasant discoveries is how friendly, helpful and courteous Arch people are. I found Gentoo's community wasn't hostile, at least to me, but both Arch and Arch people are a pleasure!

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