mtn - movie thumbnailer

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mtn - movie thumbnailer

Postby slycat » Fri Mar 16, 2012 4:34 pm

A cli tool to capture various screenshots of a video file into a single "storyboard" image file. The beauty of this package is the ability to use any codec ffmpeg can use (others are just avi or one other format) and you can set the number of columns and rows to the output file (others just go by the a timeline, sometimes getting a odd number of screenshots).

Latest linux source available here in tgz.
I tried re-configuring the makefile to accept ARM but no luck. If anyone can get this going (or help me make it myself) I would greatly appreciate it. Beats transferring a video from samba to a windows machine to screencap.

ffpoth does relatively the same things but requires a bit more cli-fu to get good results. Already available in the AUR but not yet built. The available PKGBUILD has no problem building on ALARM. Dependencies are
    ffmpeg: to read video file and retrieve frames
    imagemagick: to pipe frames into a single storyboard image
Another user submitted a script to include video info on the image file. Here I have tweaked it to what I would like (call script with video file appended to the call, eg. thumbnailer mymovie.file)
Code: Select all
Streams=$(ffmpeg -i $1 2>&1 | grep '^[[:blank:]]*Stream' | sed 's/^[^:]*.[^:]*..//;s/([^)]*.//g;s/ ,/,/g')
Text=$(echo -ne "File: $1\nSize: $(stat -c '%s' $1) bytes\n$Streams")
ffpoth -b10 -e-100 -n18 $1 |
  convert - -gravity northeast -stroke '#000C' -strokewidth 2 -annotate 0 '%c' -stroke none -fill white -annotate 0 '%c' MIFF:- |
    montage - -geometry +1+1 -tile 3x MIFF:- |
      convert label:"$Text" - -append $1.jpg

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