[PLEASE READ] Forum Restructuring

This is for Community Supported ARMv6 devices that can use the ARMv6h repo

[PLEASE READ] Forum Restructuring

Postby xenoxaos » Sun Jul 21, 2013 2:15 am

When we originally started our forums, we only had one software repository and only had to deal with a handful of devices. With our growth, the current forum structure doesn't really mesh with they way things are laid out.

Since we've started, we've added two new repositories, and killed off a repository when we switched the v7 repo to hardfloat. Eventually old topics will either be pruned or moved to better locations.

For all new forum topics, please put them into the new structures. I don't want to see any new topics in any subforum under the 'DEVICES' subforum.

The new forum structure is broken up into two main categories: Hardware and Software.
The 'Software' category is broken up into 4 subforums: General, ARMv5, ARMv6h, and ARMv7h.
95% of topics should be in the 'General' subforum.
The hardware category is broken into 3 subcategories: ARMv5, ARMv6, and ARMv7.
Each of these has a subforum based on the processor used in the device as well as a 'Community Supported' subsection.

To determine where your new topic should go, ask yourself a few questions.

"Is my problem with hardware or software?"
If you have a problem with u-boot, kernel, serial connections, etc, please post your topic under the Arch subforum in the 'Hardware' subforum.

If you're having a software problem, most likely it's going to be a problem with the software itself and not a problem with the software on a particular platform, thus it should go in the 'General' subtopic.
"I'm having a problem setting up samba on my Raspberry Pi" shouldn't go under the ARMv6h subforum as your problem is most likely a problem with configuring samba than it is a problem with samba on the RPi.
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Re: [PLEASE READ] Forum Restructuring

Postby grayman4hire » Thu Aug 01, 2013 11:36 pm


I would like to see some device names (maybe just the most popular ones) for each of the ARM versions in the software category.

For instance:

ARMv5 - PogoPlug E02/V4, Seagate DockStar
ARMv6h - Raspberry pi
ARMv7h - xxx

Or maybe include the device name in the subheading.

Speaking from experience, I don't recall what type of ARM chip my PogoPlug E02 has and I expect most (new) users would have the same issue.

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