Goflex Home abandond by Seagate

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Goflex Home abandond by Seagate

Postby davdbob » Mon Jan 28, 2019 6:33 pm

Do *not* reset a GoFlex Home.
Do *not* reload the firmware 2.7.2 on a GoFlex Home.

Seagate has terminated their "Seagate Share" service which is not a problem as it was old and probably had some security holes. However when they shut down that service, they seem to have also removed the seagateshare.com link that a GoFlex Home requires in one of the setup steps so user accounts can be added.

If someone has created a file that replaces the 2.7.2 firmware such that getting Uboot to load from a USB will result in something that has some kind of user account so the device can be accessed via a web interface I would greatly appreciate it being noted.

Now my rant.
Although the above mentioned services were terminated at the clock tick of midnight December 31 2018, Seagate didn't update any of the knowledge base articles that were easily findable by Google searches of "reset goflex home" and on January 9th I reached Seagate's page detailing how to perform the reset and executed it.

There was no warning that this would "brick" the unit anywhere on that page. I did (later) find warnings and pages on Seagate's site warning about this in other places, but they didn't come up in the Google search I used.

Those Google results now get "404 page not found" probably because I insisted my case be presented to a supervisor. Typically the first line responders can't effect any changes of the nature needed to safeguard other GoFlex Home users from killing their units.

I did exchange emails with Seagate support, and the first response seemed like the responder was blaming Windows 10. Then he stated that I could "preform a reset" if needed and he also provided a link to the firmware 2.7.2 with its companion instructions that if followed, will brick a unit just like I did. Note that at the time I am making this post, that page is still online at Seagate. I hope this link dies quickly and they do better then just a 404 page not found.

http://support.goflexhome.hipserv.com/e ... index.html

In writing this post I realized that although since Jan 10, Seagate has removed the instructions I found and now clicking on the links from Google searches get "404 page not found" the firmware method of bricking a unit is still easily findable. I just emailed them again.

I was nicer in previous emails, but this time asked if someone was "asleep on the job" up there as the general public shouldn't get 404 errors nor instructions how to destroy their equipment from the manufacturer.
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Re: Goflex Home abandond by Seagate

Postby moonman » Sat Feb 02, 2019 5:02 pm

It looks like they already have included the notice:
http://knowledge.seagate.com/articles/e ... Q/007867en?

At this point the only way I can think of to make your device usable again is to use kwboot via serial to install U-Boot then load a 3rd party OS like ArchLInuxARM. Obviously the installation process got a lot more complicated just now.
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Re: Goflex Home abandond by Seagate

Postby davdbob » Thu Feb 14, 2019 5:38 am

Thank you Moonman for replying. Yeah, I saw that page AFTER I followed instructions from a different page that resulted in a Seagate GoFlex Brick.

After the level of research I did, I suspected as much. I will just hang the 2Terabyte drive as a spare in my main PC and have already picked up an old 2T Time Capsule for a few bucks from someone local I can use for a NAS. The GoFlex home is going into the trash as its not worth my time to try anything else.

At least Seagate has now fixed their pages so they no longer throw 404 errors nor tell people how to destroy their units.
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