GoFlex Home with disk larger than 3TB

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GoFlex Home with disk larger than 3TB

Postby AndrewWArchLinux » Sat Jul 23, 2016 10:29 am

My 3 TB Goflex home has a disk failure, so as a trail i connected a 4TG disk from an unused usb model, which also had detachable disks. Created a resuce usb stick

on a linux box
create an ext3 partition on a usb stick (I found large partitions dont work I used 8GB)
download the latest kirkwood tar
wget http://os.archlinuxarm.org/os/ArchLinux ... est.tar.gz
mount the usb stick and extract the tar
tar -xvzf boot.tar.gz

booted off usb downloaded gpart, partitioned as gpt, made a 20GB ext3 partition, then another ext 4 partition for data

ran tunefs to label the ext3 partition
extracted the tar in the same way on on the usb stick rebooted

all works with a 4tb disk, the only noticeable strangeness is the disk looks back to front in the chassis, due to different styling

Hope this helps someone
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