NSA325v2 - Problem with /etc/fstab

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NSA325v2 - Problem with /etc/fstab

Postby Yannovitch » Sat Oct 21, 2017 4:33 pm

Hello everybody,

First of all, thanks for this awesome community ! I have followed for a long time what was happening here, but never subscribed, being afraid with the high technical level I see all around ;).

I purchased my Zyxel NSA325 v2 after that one of my harddrive containing most of my pictures failed, so I decided I wanted to have a RAID system.
I chose the NSA325 specifically because I could install Archlinux on it, because I had some years ago a proprietary NAS which crashed, and with proprietary NAS come proprietary RAID utility and everything. So I said, no more, I want standard linux utility in case something bad happens one day, I could still recover the data.

However, I have had a problem for a long time with my NSA325.
I have installed Archlinux on the left harddrive, with
/dev/sda1 /boot
/dev/sda2 /
/dev/sda3 swap
/dev/sda4 raided with /dev/sdb4 to make /dev/md0 where are all my pictures

however, in my /etc/fstab
if /dev/sda1 , /dev/sda2 and /dev/sda3 are OK,
when I try to mount my /dev/md0 (or the corresponding UUID), the system gets non responding and I have to chroot on an external box to remove the line of the /dev/md0 from my fstab for the NAS to be ssh-able again. And as there is systemd installed, I can't see what's happening behind the scenes during the faulty boot, because it doesn't even appear in my journald.
Same goes if I try to add to my fstab my external USB drives plugged behind.
And believe me I have tried all the possible options of the fstab, with systemd.automount, systemd.requiresmount, ...

I haven't updated the UBoot, I'm afraid to pacman -S uboot-nsa325 , because I have heard many horror stories related to Uboot ;).

I really would like it to work now because I will leave for an other country soon, and in case of a storm or a power surge or something, my family can't possibly know how to mount the harddrives or anything, and I can't always remotely ssh into the box just to mount the harddrives ;).

Thanks a lot for your answers in advance =)

PS : Oh and by the way, is it possible to setenv something so that when I plug in the AC, the NAS automatically boot and start, without having to press on the power button ?
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Re: NSA325v2 - Problem with /etc/fstab

Postby summers » Sun Oct 22, 2017 9:56 am

How have you done the raid?

I have exactly the same set up, and I do the raid via BTRFS with compression enabled. btrfs is a new hypermodern file system, so isn'y yet widespread - but it has many additional functions over a traditional file system. One thing it can do is raid in software. Once you have set ut up, you just mount one of the sda partitions in the raid - then btrfs knows the other partitions are in the raid - and automatically mounts them.

One advantage btw of going to a modern uboot, is that it can read ext4 fs. And this means you can have the /boot directory in the main root file system. This means you don't need a separate boot partition.

I don't think you can set a uboot env variable to get the machine to auto boot on power - think that function is done in hardware. E.g. the power button is like on a computer or laptop, you have to physically push it.

P.S. my /etc/fstab is a simple:
Code: Select all
/dev/sda1   /   ext4   defaults,noatime   0   1
/dev/sda3   none   swap   sw   0   0
/dev/sda4   /home   btrfs   noatime,autodefrag,compress=zlib,space_cache   0   2
tmpfs   /tmp   tmpfs   nodev,nosuid   0   0
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