goflex home cannot boot archlinux from HD after uboot-2016.9

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goflex home cannot boot archlinux from HD after uboot-2016.9

Postby goflex » Wed Mar 07, 2018 3:36 am

Hi guys,

I have a goflex Home with archlinux running on an old 160GB HD for a while. Recently, I want to migrate it to a 8TB HD as a backup box, but thought it might not support big drives. I searched archlinuxarm package repository and find the uboot-goflexhome 2016.09-1, so I used this command to update u-boot.

pacman -U http://mirror.archlinuxarm.org/arm/alar ... pkg.tar.xz

it installed package and flashed the u-boot. then I rebooted it and lost it. I could not ping it or ssh it, and I could not find it from my router dhcp client list.

After a few unsuccessfully trials, I almost gave up. then I found my old usb drive with arch-arm on it and inserted it, boom! it just worked.

so I installed the uboot-tools and print out the env. could anyone tell me what goes wrong with my hard drive booting? and if the uboot-2016.09 support 8TB drive to boot?

Code: Select all
bootcmd=run startboot;run bootubi
bootubi=echo Trying to boot from NAND ...;if run mountubi; then ubifsload ${loadaddr} /boot/zImage;ubifsload ${fdtaddr} /boot/dtbs/${fdtfile};ubifsumount; setenv bootargs console=${console} ubi.mtd=1 root=ubi0:rootfs ro rootfstype=ubifs  rootwait ${mtdparts};bootz ${loadaddr} - ${fdtaddr};fi
loadfdt=echo loading ${fdtdir}/${fdtfile} ...; load ${devtype} ${bootpart} ${fdtaddr} ${fdtdir}/${fdtfile}
loadimage=load ${devtype} ${bootpart} ${loadaddr} ${bootdir}/${bootfilez} || load ${devtype} ${bootpart} ${loadaddr} ${bootdir}/${bootfilem}
loadrd=load ${devtype} ${bootpart} ${rdaddr} ${bootdir}/${rdfile}
mainargs=setenv bootargs console=${console} ${mtdparts} root=${root} rw rootwait ${optargs} ${ncargs}
mountubi=ubi part rootfs; ubifsmount ubi0:rootfs
preboot=if env exists netconsole && test ${netconsole} = on; then if ping ${ncip}; then  setenv stdin nc; setenv stdout nc;  setenv stderr nc; version; if env exists ncargsusr; then echo ncargs has been defined by user; setenv ncargs ${ncargsusr}; else setenv ncargs ignore_loglevel netconsole=6665@${ipaddr}/eth0,6666@${ncipk}/; fi; fi; else echo Netconsole has been turned off.; echo To turn it on, set netconsole variable to on.; setenv stdin; setenv stdout; setenv stderr; setenv ncargs; fi
startboot=usb start; ide reset; for devtype in usb ide; do  setenv devnum 0; while ${devtype} dev ${devnum}; do  echo ${devtype} found on device ${devnum}; setenv bootpart ${devnum}:1; echo Checking for: ${bootdir}/uEnv.txt ...; if test -e ${devtype} ${bootpart} ${bootdir}/uEnv.txt; then  load ${devtype} ${bootpart} ${loadaddr} ${bootdir}/uEnv.txt; env import -t ${loadaddr} ${filesize}; echo Loaded environment from ${bootdir}/uEnv.txt; echo Checking if uenvcmd is set ...; if test -n ${uenvcmd}; then  echo Running uenvcmd ...; run uenvcmd; fi; fi; if run loadimage; then if env exists root; then echo root has been defined by user; else part uuid ${devtype} ${bootpart} uuid; setenv root PARTUUID=${uuid}; fi;  run mainargs; if run loadfdt; then  if run loadrd; then  bootz ${loadaddr} ${rdaddr}:${filesize} ${fdtaddr}; else  bootz ${loadaddr} - ${fdtaddr}; fi; else  if run loadrd; then echo Booting uImage with initrd;  bootm ${loadaddr} ${rdaddr}:${filesize}; else  bootm ${loadaddr}; fi; fi; else  echo No kernel found; fi; setexpr devnum ${devnum} + 1; done; done;

Many thanks.
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Re: goflex home cannot boot archlinux from HD after uboot-20

Postby hecatae » Sun Apr 08, 2018 3:34 pm


it's to do with MBR and GPT partitions, see: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=9533

If you have a drive larger than 2TB you will need to use GPT partitioning
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Re: goflex home cannot boot archlinux from HD after uboot-20

Postby moonman » Fri Apr 20, 2018 2:42 pm

Setup netconsole as descrived in viewtopic.php?f=53&t=8857
to see what's happening on boot. Your box is definitely not dead, and the uboot version you installed support GPT and MBR partitions.
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