Netconsole from MacOS?

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Netconsole from MacOS?

Postby meh » Mon Sep 30, 2019 4:37 am

Hello, I recently setup a Pogoplug V4 with arch over serial and updated the u-boot with v2016. Everything is working great, and I wanted to test out the netconsole option but can't seem to get it to work!

I followed the direction on the v2016 page:
Code: Select all
sudo ifconfig en0 alias
sudo ifconfig en0 alias
nc -luk 6666
nc -lu 6666

and even tried connecting a an ethernet cable directly from the Pogoplug to my Mac on en9, but no matter what I do, I keep seeing:
ping failed; host is not alive

I also tried changing ncip and ncipk to and from my local IP pool, but that didn't help either...

Would appreciate any help!
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