Installing Python module pillow on ARMv5 and/or creating sym

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Installing Python module pillow on ARMv5 and/or creating sym

Postby jrjong » Sun May 31, 2020 1:33 pm

Hi there,
I hope you can help me. I'm sorry that I do have more than one question, but I'm not sure on which level to address my issue. I'll try to be short and precise.


My phone syncs the pictures I've taken with it to a folder A on my NAS. I'd like to have all pictures sorted by month, so I wrote a Python script that puts the pictures into subfolders of a folder B which look something like /B/YYY-MM. Mostly, the script takes the date of the picture from the EXIF info using the Python module pillow. In order to prevent the phone to sync the files again to the NAS folder A and to have the pictures in bot NAS folders A and B, the script puts a symlink in folder A that points to the appropriate subfolder in B.


I can't run the script on my NAS because there is no pillow module available for it. It's an ARMv5 machine and there are only pillow/PIL versions for Python 2.7, I'd like to use Python 3.5, which is installed on my NAS.

I can't run the script on my computer as the NAS folders are mounted using cifs and this does not allow creating symlinks unless you allow insecure links and/or disable unix extensions apparently.

I can run the EXIF discovery part on my laptop and then call a script on the NAS to move the files and create the symlinks but that seems like overkill. I'm seriously considering to export the result of the EXIF script to a xml file, store that on the NAS and then run a script on the NAS to parse the xml file, move the files and create the symlinks.

Solution paths

Details to 1: pip install pillow does not complete because of a seemingly common issue: the unavailability of libjpeg-dev (source:, the error message reads

The headers or library files could not be found for jpeg, a required dependency when compiling Pillow from source.
Is there a libjpeg-dev or a Pillow version 5.4.1. including the jpeg libraries package available for ARMv5 (I googled and did not find anything)? Would it be possible to create one? If so, where should I start?

Details to 2: I'm not a Linux expert. I've read that I can either mount the NAS folders using --bind in fstab or I can add follow symlinks= yes and unix extensions = no in smb.conf. I did not try that as I don't know what impact those solutions have. Can I create symlinks using those solutions or can I just use them? Is there a security issue with disabling unix extensions?

Details to 3: If I need to go down this road, would you recommend another solution than xml? I want to call a script to be executed on the NAS, so I guess I can't call a function on a script on the NAS (the function would then still be executed on my computer using cifs, right?). And I need to pass on information which files should be moved where and which symlinks should be created.

Thanks n advance for any suggestions!
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