mirrors in the USA are behind?

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mirrors in the USA are behind?

Postby 2sdude » Wed Jan 19, 2022 9:55 pm

I have a reverse proxy between my PIs and the package repositories.
I understand that, without my reverse proxy, a server is chosen based on:

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## Geo-IP based mirror selection and load balancing
Server = http://mirror.archlinuxarm.org/$arch/$repo

My reverse proxy picks one of the 4 USA mirrors: CA, FL, NJ or, IL.

If I point pacman at http://mirror.archlinuxarm.org/$arch/$repo I get more recent packages than when I use the proxy. The outdated servers seem to have caused some problems; the proxy returns 404s. So I bypass the proxy. Instead, should I point to another server than one of the 4 USA mirrors? I am in the USA.
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