[RPI2] how to install giflib-nox11

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[RPI2] how to install giflib-nox11

Postby JustinSB » Thu Nov 24, 2016 8:42 pm

Hi, I'm busy installing pyLoad on my RPI2 headless Arch installation. I've run pyLoad under Raspbian on a an original RPI for a couple of years, so I know my way around it & can get it doing what I want quickly. I installed it a couple of weeks ago onto my Arch development RPI2, but it pulled in a load of X dependencies (just like the Archlinux Wiki said that it would, because of giflib as opposed to giflib-nox11). I got pyLoad running, & doing what I wanted, but I am now rebuilding my dev box to see if I can do it better - without all the mistakes that I made last week - & definitely without all those X dependencies.

This brings me to my question: How can I install giflib-nox11 under Arch on an armv7h RPI2?

I have tried pacman -S giflib-nox11 and then I tried yaourt -S giflib-nox11 too, but all I get is target not found. My repositories are set to core, extra, community, alarm & aur, so do I need to add something - & if so, what & where?

If I can't get it as a binary, do I need to get stuck into abs & compile it myself (which'll be a completely different question, after loads more research)?

Or did I miss something blindingly obvious, because I've only recently started learning how to move all of my boxes over to Arch?

Thanks, Justin
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