"key has expired" when using NFS+krb & AutoFS & FreeIPA

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"key has expired" when using NFS+krb & AutoFS & FreeIPA

Postby terjestrand » Thu Dec 01, 2016 7:36 pm

Hi all,

I use a combination of FreeIPA, NFS and Kerberos for all my machines, both arm and intels architectures.

Recently I have been plagued by NFS not mounting on all my Arm machines (Raspberry Pis, XU4), but working well on intel chips. All running latest Arch of course. The error message was consistently "key has expired". All mounts using 'sec=sys' works great, but any 'sec=krb' fails.

=> Found that by downgrading NFS-Utils to 1.3.3-3 (from 1.3.4-1) everything started working again on all Arm installations.

Question: To whom should I report this?

Also finding it strange that nobody has mentioned this elsewhere. Is it maybe only me?

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