MPV audio hickups on USB soundcard

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MPV audio hickups on USB soundcard

Postby kalsan » Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:19 pm

Hi there!

I'm using mpv-rpi on a Raspberry Pi 2 through a HDMI and a USB soundcard connected through ALSA. The audio often has hickups: Sometimes there are delays, jumps or even multiple voices superposed. It typically stabilizes after a few seconds, and it always gets fixed when doing play/pause. When going back and playing the same passage again, there are no audio problems. They occur randomly every few minutes (usually 1-5 minutes). MPV displays no problems on the terminal. I'm using the X11-independent hardware driver for video and the ALSA driver for audio. Playing the same video through omxplayer works without audio problems (but that doesn't help since omxplayer does not support external USB soundcards).

The same soundcard is also used by mpd and works without problems.

How can I investigate those mpv audio problems? What steps should I take?

Thanks for any hints,
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