Launch Direct application while executing libraries in RPI

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Launch Direct application while executing libraries in RPI

Postby jenny79 » Wed Jun 20, 2018 7:53 am

Hey I have connected with temperature sensor which is already working with ARM cortex of Raspberry Pi, I am executing the library made by me for temperature sensor in CLI and able to get the output CLI,
But I need to connect one of the wireless sensor with Mesh Module Which transmit the reading through wireless communication which will receive by Raspberry Pi while connected with another mesh module which is communicating with sensor and creating mesh network and send those readings to user interface application which also connected to Internet database management to store the readings.
I want to make my raspberry pi to run all the command as well as functions internally and directly display the application which help us to check the monitoring system,
Also enable the raspberry pi with MQTT services which help to send the warning alerts via SMS through smartphones and also display the reading in smartphone by using stored readings in database management system

But to make the application start directly in raspberry pi is something much new version for me so need some help here which will be much appreciated
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