Webmin for Iomega ix2-200

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Webmin for Iomega ix2-200

Postby SovereignMan » Sun Dec 16, 2018 4:14 pm

Not sure if I'm doing something incorrectly or not. I installed alarm on my old ix2-200. This is the second time of installed alarm; a few years back I installed on pogoplug v4 successfully and had webmin as my gui.

I was attempting to install webmin on the ix2-200 and when building the package, I'm told arm architecture is not supported. Has something changed?

Is there another alternative? I'd like to use cockpit but same issue; arm not supported message during package build.

On another note, I'm not certain that aur packages are being searched although pacman -Sy reports "aur is up to date".

I thought all that was needed was to ensure aur packages are searched and pacman -S webmin would work but it reports it's not found.

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Re: Webmin for Iomega ix2-200

Postby moonman » Fri Dec 28, 2018 9:28 am

There are many...many posts about your questions on this forum, but keeping the holiday spirits I'll reply

aur is ArchLinuxArm's prebuilt packages from AUR. aur is not AUR
If arm is not included in arch=(..) array in PKGBUILD it doesn't mean a package can't be built. You have two options: edit PKGBUILD and add 'arm' to the array or build with "makepkg -A" to ignore arch=(...) altogether.
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