Static IP Not Working PogoPlug V2

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Static IP Not Working PogoPlug V2

Postby calzon65 » Sun Jun 08, 2014 10:50 pm

I’ve been running two PogoPlug V2’s for a few years on Alarm, so I have a little experience. I wanted to do a full system restore today and read about the systemd issues, so I kept that in mind when I reinstalled. I am running the latest Kirkwood version, which I grabbed with the following command.

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Once I installed the latest Alarm and connect to the system via SSH, I did run three pacman commands, but I ran them in a way to get around the systemd issues per Warheads SE’s suggestions in another post about the systemd problem.

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pacman -Syy
pacman -Su
pacman -S linux-kirkwood linux-kirkwood-headers

After the above three pacmans, I rebooted, and using my IP Scanner, found the IP address of the system then connected again via SSH to the dynamic IP address assigned to the system. Up to this point, I have made no changes to the system except for the three pacmans.

Next I wanted to configure a static IP address, as I have done dozens of times before. So I edited /etc/netctl/eth0 using the settings listed below.

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Description='Static Ethernet'

Finally I entered the command netctl enable eth0 and rebooted. This is the same static IP configuration I used before I decided to do a complete reinstall.

After I rebooted, I can’t SSH to the static IP address nor can I see the system with my network IP scanner. There is no other system on my network with that IP address, but I also tried a different static IP address but no change. I am using netctl on my BeagleBone black with no problem, but my second PogoPlug is using an earlier “style” of static IP address control.

I also ran the commands netctl start eth0, netctl restart eth0, and netctl reload eth0. The only way I can connect to the system is to remove the USB thumb-drive, plug it into my other PogoPlug and modify the /etc/netctl/eth0 file to use DHCP.

Using netctl for a static IP address was working fine on this PogoPlug, but now it does not work and I am wondering if it has anything to do with the issues related to systemd. I am at a loss.
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Re: Static IP Not Working PogoPlug V2

Postby pepedog » Mon Jun 09, 2014 12:24 am

You did not need to do netctl enable eth0
Or you could have done
systemctl disable netctl-ifplugd@eth0
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Re: Static IP Not Working PogoPlug V2

Postby calzon65 » Mon Jun 09, 2014 4:43 am

Thank you for the feedback. After a fresh reinstall and NOT running the netctl enable eth0 command, it is working now.
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