Odroid C2 does not boot sporadically

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Odroid C2 does not boot sporadically

Postby k20729 » Tue Mar 12, 2024 11:17 pm

Hello everyone,

I have the following constellation:
* Odroid C2 with operating system on the SD card (aarch64)
* The system is running headless
* External HDD (USB3), connected to one of the four USB2 ports
* Changed to the main line kernel about 1.5 years ago (version 6.2, since yesterday now version 6.7)

The problem can be described as follows:
* Since yesterday's update, the system no longer boots with the HDD connected
* If I connect a keyboard USB dongle, the system sporadically starts the HDD, or it is only triggered briefly, but remains off
* It might have something to do with the kernel update to 6.7

Does anyone know how to narrow down the problem? Ideally, the system should be bootable again without a USB dongle.

Thanks in advance!

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